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  • No amount of reading books, attending lectures, or going to tasting events can replicate the experience of actually being in Champagne, seeing the sights, meeting the champagne makers and taking in the atmosphere.
  • In this online course you'll 'meet' and listen to some of these wonderful people, see the sights and learn more in a few hours than you could ever do in a fleeting visit to Champagne. 
  •  You'll go on a journey through an entire year in Champagne to understand what goes on in each season. You'll discover what most tourists never get to experience and you'll acquire a depth of knowledge that even most sommeliers and other wine professionals never reach.
  • Whether you are an enthusiastic lover of champagne who wants to learn more and to delight and entertain your friends, or a serious student of wine preparing for WSET exams, or perhaps you already work in the wine trade and want to hone your knowledge and move your career forwards, you'll find plenty to fascinate, entertain and surprise you in My Champagne Expert.

What to look forward to inside My Champagne Expert

1 - Where exactly is Champagne and what makes it special?

Geography, geology and the role of chalk.

 2 - The grapes and the regions

There's more to Champagne than meets the eye.

Regions, sub-regions and umpteen variations.

3 - The Quaility Ladder and planting regulations

Not all grapes are equal and...

you can't just plant vines wherever you want, either.

4 - The structure of Champagne industry.

Who owns what, who sells what, who does what.

Squaring the circle.

5 - A year in the vineyards

Lots of work and then some more.

Organic and biodynamic champagne.

6 - The harvest


In full swing.

It's not a holiday!

7 - Pressing & fermentation

The pressure is on.

The juice becomes wine.

8 - The art of blending

Around the kitchen table.

Reserve wines.

Rosé champagne.

9 - From wine champagne

Bottling and ageing.

Getting ready for sale.

10 - Choosing, tasting and serving champagne

The four questions.

Getting the most out of each bottle.

A quiz at the end of each module

Maps and charts to download

A unique insight into Champagne

Your host -Jiles Halling

At this point you’re probably wondering who I am and why you should listen to anything I say about champagne – they are fair questions, so let me answer them.  

I first went to live in Champagne back in 1996 when I was recruited to work in Moët & Chandon’s headquarters in Epernay. I was Area Manager for Asia and later for Japan and Australia and I was responsible for sales of Moët & Chandon and of Dom Pérignon in those markets.  

Wow, what a job. All the glamour and glitz that you might imagine, but above all what an opportunity to learn about champagne at first hand, all day, every day from people who were born and bred in Champagne. I was one of very few non-French people in the company and it was a real privilege.  

After 7 years with Moët I returned to the UK where I started what was, without doubt, one of the first online businesses selling grower champagnes, but the appeal of Champagne was strong so I returned to my home in Champagne where for many years I was the only non-French sales and marketing consultant in the region for the independent champagne makers.

During a total of 17 years living and working in Champagne, meeting and talking with champagne makers every day and seeing with my own eyes what goes on in each season of the year, I built up a depth of knowledge that, to be honest, few people from outside Champagne ever have the chance to acquire. I’m not saying this to boast, it’s just a fact.  

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My Champagne Expert comprises 10 modules each lasting about 1 hour. The entire course is delivered online so that you can study it at your leisure whenever it suits you. You don’t have to travel to a lecture in a place and at a time that may not suit you.  

You can re-read the content and watch the videos again and again as many times as you like, you have access to the course for life. 

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No Risk Guarantee If, for whatever reason, after completing all 10 modules of My Champagne Expert you feel that it did not offer you great value for money as well a huge amount of information, just let me know by email at jiles@mymaninchampagne.com and I will refund your money with no questions asked.  

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